SkillzFunnel powered by Cognetive Education Solutions is a fully loaded learning management system built for corporate and students to access online education and skills-based training easily via any smart devices. SkillzFunnel is designed to cater to the online learners destination and we connect people through knowledge.

SkillzFunnel hosts a variety of modular programs, E-learning courses and video contents developed by industry practitioners in addition to its multitude of subject categories ranging from baking and pastry, Digital marketing , Hospitality and Customer Experience Management.

SkillzFunnel is designed to help organizations of all types and sizes have access to latest programs for their teams to upskill and enhance their knowledge. Some of the key features of SkillzFunnel include a live meeting/webinar platform for instructor led sessions, meeting or classroom scheduling, attendance monitoring, built in tracking system for trainers or lectures to monitor progress of the learner and many other cool features.

SkillzFunnel even has an AI Examination proctoring systems which enables education institutions conduct online examination for program.

SkillzFunnel is a cloud based system and its security features is state of the art ensuring information stored in the system is secure and is in accordance to personal data protection acts.