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Start Future Proofing Your Business!

Digital transformation can be broadly defined as the integration of the latest, tried-and-tested digital tech to improve all areas of the business. Additionally, as the inherent operational processes, all in an effort to provide greater value to prospective customers. Organization that doesn’t adapt digital transformation are at risk of losing their competitive edge in the industry or business market.

In the digital age, business strategy is rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of the customer. At Cognetive, we partner with leaders and their teams to accelerate their shift to digital, better harness the power of their data and drive growth.


Digital Marketing Related Training Programs

Cognetive offers a wide
selection of Digital
transformation program
which caters to all types
of industries and BIG and
SMALL organization

Digital Transformation & Strategy

  • We offer DM advisory
    and support you with
    your marketing
    activities and
  • We will work closely
    with key people in the
    organisation to build
    your business
  • Our advisory packages
    offer the right level of
    marketing support to
    suit your needs

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • We perform a Digital
    Health Check on your
    organization and build
    a strong foundation for
    digital presence
  • Our expert advisors will
    advice on best
    practices in
  • Digitalization and build
    a full proof strategy for
    your organization

Digital Marketing Expert Advisory

  • Run business smarter
    by identifying opportunities based on improve data collection
  • Our hands on
    experience in leading
    and driving change
    within organisations –
    makes us different and
    we can assist you in
    making more informed
  • Our advisory packages offer the right level of marketing support to suit your needs


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing: Google Adwords

Content Marketing

Website Structuring

Search Advertising

Display Advertising

Google Analytics

YouTube Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Website Creation

Understanding Acquisition & Conversion

Google Search Console

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Facebook Organic

LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Organic

Conversion Tracking Tool

LinkedIn Organic


Remarketing & Conversion

Email Marketing

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to Google AdSense

Google Tag Manager

SMS Marketing