Launch your dream pastry career with a 100% hands-on education that integrates you into the industry with a paid apprenticeship.

  • Fully integrated online classes (lots of hands on and personal
    coaching from your instructor)
  • Start working in your paid apprenticeship in just 2 months’
  • Learn scratch and artisanal baking

Gain the skills needed to move up in the industry or open your own business

During our foundation in baking & pastry program, you focus on the science behind baking, allowing you to expand your artistic ability and pursue an array of pastry careers.

Bake in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and study techniques used by modern pastry chefs

How Cognetive Education compares to the traditional culinary school model?

Cognetive Skills Academy

  • Exclusively Video-driven, hands-on education in your own kitchen
  • Modern Recipes + Techniques actually used in cafes today
  • 500 or more -hour paid apprenticeship
  • Work individually with your own mixer and pastry equipment


Traditional Culinary Schools

  • Textbooks + Lecture Halls + hands on in the kitchen Traditional recipes and techniques
  • Lesser paid apprenticeship
  • Work in groups with shared pastry

What you learn at Cognetive Skills Academy


Your fundamental in baking/pastry allows you to pursue many culinary careers.

Pastry Chef


Pastry Entrepreneur

Cake Designer/Decorator

Confectionary Chef

Food Stylist/Writer

Home Based Business Owner

Wedding Cake Baker/Designer