Cognetive Education Solutions provides innovative education solutions that are changing the way the world learns.  We offer a diverse range of services, including; Digital Transformation Advisory, Digital skills & learning, Learning Management Solutions.

Innovative and Effective learning for everyone


Rather than focusing exclusively on training, Cognetive works with our strategic partners liaising with industry, local communities and governments to:

Our Services

Corporate Learning

CES, being one of the best e-learning solutions providers, provides skill-based training programs, and develops content for various academic subjects, technologies, and customized topics suggested by our corporate clients.

Skills Academy

CES delivers prominent e-learning services and creates or modifies content for higher-grade education.Our offering covers an array of differing programmes and disciplines, for both domestic and international learners.

Learning Management Systems

The benefits of Skill Development include increased business profits, improved performance, improved accuracy & quality, improved communication, complies with rules & regulations, improved recruitment & career opportunities, and development of good customer relations.



Our Strategic Partners

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